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Friends of Derwent Hill


Christopher Smith

(Trustee and Website Developer)


Currently working as Manager of Beamish Wild outdoor and high ropes centre. Chris first went to Derwent Hill when he was 7 years old, he has since been countless times both as a student and staff member and freelance instructor. During the past 7 years he has been heavily involved in delivering DofE at Sunderland College bringing hundreds of students to Derwent Hill to use the campsite and building. Chris also helps organise and facilitate the annual FODH challenge.


When asked, why do you volunteer as part of the FODH, Chris said "I have seen first-hand on numerous occasions the great sense of joy and achievement that young people get from being away from home and in a beautiful setting such as Derwent Hill, it is something that every child should have access to".


Chris is an outdoor enthusiast and has climbed in the Alps, summited the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc and climbed in numerous areas around the world including America, Thailand, Norway, France and Spain.