The friends were founded in 2007, here is our story.


The FODH was established in 2007 to help underprivileged children attend courses at Derwent Hill. Our aim is to support children and young people and to provide access to outdoor education opportunities. We raise money to enhance the resources of Derwent Hill and to help Increase the access to activities, particularly by disadvantaged children and young people. We also foster links between Derwent Hill, schools and the wider community to provide more educational opportunities. The founding members of the FODH all had some connection with the centre and in some way benefited from access to the facilities and training on offer.




Registered charity number 1125869 Email: contact@friendsofderwenthill.co.uk


Friends of Derwent Hill

Knowing the importance of outdoor education after discovering this first-hand the Friends decided that no one individual should be restricted to access as a result of financial constraints. The Friends set up the charity with the initial aim of providing bursaries for young people which could be applied for through the school or college. To date the friends have helped many individuals and educational establishments access additional funding to ensure that no child miss out on a fantastic developmental experience.


Over the years the charity focus has evolved and as well as providing bursaries we also now provide specialist equipment and access facilities for Derwent Hill, these have included new camping pods and an accessible shower block, developments to the low ropes course and the aim for 2017 is to provide a fleet of accessible canoes and a trailer.